What about Dhammapada

What about Dhammapada

What is Dhammapada?


Originally, Dhammapada means the process through which Buddha based his life quest: he sought to clear the tortured mind, to end its suffering, and to quiet the chatter to a silence within. He has not succeeded to shut it completely.

The paintings are designed to quiet the mind, and end the mind-made suffering. They bring beauty and harmony; soften, bring a sense of well-being and power. 

A vortex releases the words in the ether all around. The frequency and vibration of words serve to raise the resonance of all beings and their environment.

How to BE with Dhammapada?

Print it, frame it, enjoy the view and meditate.  Keep it in a space where you spend most of your time.  Use as screen saver, background, as a placemat, etc.

What is resonance?

One definition is the intensification and enriching of a musical tone by supplementary vibration. Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Compare resonance to a tuning fork or a crystal bowl: it resonates at a pitch when stricken with an object and emits a pure toned that can be felt in the environment of the body as well as within, for a long while.